"Outside the box"

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     It is a very misty morning as a new day awaits the Sun's arrival. Traffic is busy as people begin their pilgrimage to work. Wonder what is on their mind as they travel in the darkness to their employment? I certainly recall thinking, "What am I doing going to work in the dark, my body is to be sleeping if it's dark" and yet, as Fall approached, so the drive to work was done in darkness. I used to make a game out of it. I used to pretend I was a warrior, preparing to safeguard the community. It was my job to use the darkness to skillfully find the best place to situate myself to do my work. Sometimes I simply enjoyed the changes in the sky as the Moon began her descent to make room for the Sun to take center stage. I remember observing the stars as they went from sparkling brightly to being invisible all in a morning's drive. So many "events" happened on the morning drive to work, that it became my favorite time of day. In the stillness my creativity is able to play before my mind takes over planning the day concerned about deadlines and solutions to problems.
     There is much to enjoy in the stillness of the morning if one is willing to play and dream "outside the box" with what is put in front of them. Guess it really does not matter if it's morning or night, it is using your creativity to put a positive slant on something that may all too often be annoying, and that is often more easily done when the "head mind" is not fully engaged!
     The thought this morning, is what is heavy on your heart and mind that needs some creativity to assist with finding alternatives? You just might try thinking "outside the box" by allowing and honoring your creative spirit to assist by choosing a time when you first wake up, or just prior to going to bed. Sometimes the best solutions are found if we make a request just prior to going to bed. It may surprise you what you discover when you wake up in the morning!
     The sky is beginning to lighten, although Grandfather Sun will not make an appearance for at least an half hour; what I know is a golden opportunity to discover something new, something exciting, something very different awaits my attention. Now, to allow my soul to teach me how to silence my head mind and think "outside the box" using my heart mind!


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