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    We had a gathering this other evening and shared what we were "harvesting" in our lives. Sometimes that question can be a bit "daunting" since most of the time we are all so busy we rarely see things growing, let alone actually ripening. Living in the North, allows one to see very clearly what the seasons brings. We can see the ripeness of Fall, stillness of Winter, awakening of Spring, and the fullness of Summer, and yet we often rarely pay attention to how that is "showing up" in our lives. 
    Consider, if you will, the activity of the 2011 summer for you. What sorts of events happened? Did you grow a garden, travel for a holiday, get involved in a more physical "outdoor" activity, or simply bask in the warmth of the hot summer? There are so many things we do every single day that we rarely stop to consider how "full of life" the events are.
    Today, pause for a few moments and list some of the things you have done that you did not do in the Winter or Spring, then consider what effect those activities had on you physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Seriously, stop and write them down. Chances are those events were created in the stillness of Winter. They were something you planned, dreamed of, talked about, researched, trained for, whatever the activity is, there was a moment when the idea entered your head. I will wager it was created in the Winter; however, it may have been something you thought about last Fall when Summer concluded. It might have been something you wanted to do, but did not get around to, so you put it on your "list."
    Today is the first day of Fall, you might find it worth taking a few moments to see what you are "harvesting" as a result of your actions this summer. Why do this? Because it helps you actually "see" that you are creating all the time. It just might help you stop and think about what you are "thinking about." Then to realize what a powerful force your mind is. With that realization you can consciously move through the ripeness of Fall, create in the stillness of Winter, witness the awakening or birth of new growth in Spring and see the fullness of those dreams next Summer. If all of us took this action, and we considered seeing more Peace and Harmony, consider how the world would change!
    Here's to a Harvest that fills your cornucopia with the abundance of love, health, and whatever else you dream for your life!  Happy Harvesting!


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