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    Everyone wants to be "seen," to have someone really care that they are on this planet. Everyone needs to know that if they ceased to exist someone would notice their absence. To be in 'favor' in this world gives one that assurance. Favor is different from 'favorite,' it simply means someone knows you exist to the point they are willing to acknowledge your presence. 
    I'm wondering this morning what it feels like to not know someone would miss you if you were not around - that someone would miss picking up the phone and calling you, or (in today's world) posting comments or reading about your adventures on your Face book page. Indeed, we all need to be loved, and the simple act of being noticed expresses such an act. Today, as you read this, stop and consider who(m) in your life or in your community might need to know you 'see' them? Is there someone you see fairly often that you have not spoken to, but you do have contact with them? Perhaps the mail person, clerk at a store, the neighbor next door? Today, allow your heart to consider who(m) that person might be, then make a decision to acknowledge them the next time you 'see' them. A greeting is a good starting point; a wave, nod, eventually a 'hello'....then you could add, 'How are you doing?' It really is quite simple and takes only a few moments to let someone know you 'see' them.
      Favor, a very small word that carries a powerful message. Are you willing to spend 2 minutes to let someone know they are 'seen' by someone? It just might make YOU feel seen as well!


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