Good Friday

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As we move toward Good Friday, my heart remembers the teachings of both sadness and hope Easter brings. Throughout the observance of these teachings a reverence and respect for Jesus and what he brought to Earth is brought to our attention. The short life of Jesus forever changed our world.
  If we will simply get past the various “interpretations” and allow our hearts to listen and feel the depth of Truth shown throughout his life and not merely through the words reporting his impact, we will find a “peace” for which our hearts are searching. For it is in that personal connection one’s heart will find the Truth.
  This new Pope offers a visual example of the teachings of Jesus. What a breath of fresh air to observe his humbleness, his willingness to “be among the people” and not just stand in a window or behind a Plexiglas shield and talk to them. Pope Francis shows through his actions how to love. When I see his face, my heart feels hope, it feels joy that someone of such influence is so very willing to be so authentic! He does not use words to condemn and judge others or espouse scriptures to keep people in their place; rather, he demonstrates, just as Jesus did, how to see God in each person. It is an example to me of how to really make a difference in the world, one compassionate loving act at a time.

   And so while there is great unrest in the world and it saddens my heart to watch what humans can do to each other, the environment, and those living beings that inhabit the world with us, there is great hope that things are changing. May this Easter season bring such hope to your heart, and may each of you look at your lives to see what you contribute to your corner of it. Personally, I am resurrecting a more loving heart to be visible through my thoughts, words and actions.  


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