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  Sometimes I simply “sit” and think, and other times, I “lie” down and think. Either way, during my life, I have spent a lot of time pondering what it all means. I have tried very hard not to make judgments about choices I have made, or actions I have chosen, and yet, I often ponder what I have learned from it all.

   There are so many articles, songs, books, videos, and other mediums of sharing perspectives from which to consider what life is all about. And yet, it seems the answers to my pondering times generally leave me with even more questions.  So for this moment, I am doing my very best to simply observe what my eyes see, what scents fill that air, and what my skin feels when the wind blows. There are so many other senses to use to observe life, so many other “teachers” from which I can gain a deeper understanding of life.

  The humming birds have returned to my area. I believe I will allow the sweetness of their presence to teach me about simply being in the moment. How absolutely diverse in color, markings, even the sound of their tiny wings are available to enjoy. Surely there is something for me to notice that will help me understand what I have missed with all the times I have spent “pondering!” Hmm, I don’t have to “think” for a moment to know the answer to that one!


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