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  It is a hazy, foggy morning as I watch with great anticipation for the Sun to arrive. After several cloudy, gray days it will be good to see clear, blue skies. At least, that is what the local meteorologist reported last evening, we shall see if that is true today.  Either way, spring is beginning to warm the days and the yard around my home is calling to me to get outside. While I have done my best to keep up with fallen tree branches, and gathered eight leaf bags of debris last week, the emerging plants are heralding my attention. I just may wait another couple of weeks to rake the leaves around these tender growths that serve as a blanket during Indiana’s ever-changing temperature swings!
  I was at a local store the other day and a young couple was eagerly examining various vegetable plants from which to begin their garden. I nearly added my two cents worth of insights by repeating the wives tale, about waiting until after Mother’s day to plant. Surprisingly, I did not “offer” that advise, why dampen their obvious eagerness to begin their garden season?

  What a wonderful time of year. Such anticipation for what lies ahead, it warms my heart. While I do my best to stay in the moment, I so love the unknown anticipation of what is coming. Even if it is not clear what that “something” is, it still offers a mystery that feeds my spirit of “what if,” “perhaps, maybe,” or simply put, Hope for what might be. There is much to be said about not knowing what is just around the corner … it is yet another mystery of life!   


  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Oh what a freeing moment, the ones that comes from the deepest part of our heart, makes the most lasting changes in ourselves.

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Forgive me.. the above comment is for your posting on the Windchimes. My first time posting on this Blog. opps lol

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