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This morning I am reminded of the importance of silence.  When electronics are turned off you can actually hear Creator “hum.” Try it, turn off everything and listen. There is only the sound of God harmonizing with you. Of course, this happens all the time, you always have the opportunity to hear Creator speak. It is just that when there is complete silence you will hear the movement of Spirit around your head. Try it! You will hear that for which I write. To me, it is very comforting. To others that may not be true.
  I was at the local hardware store after a thunderstorm the night before and the clerk commented on the intensity of storm. She said the power was lost at her house and her humidifier, TV and fan were unable to do their job. She said she realized how noisy silence was and how much she did not like that sound.

  And so, try it for yourself. Turn everything off and listen. Then see what you feel about the presence of silence. While I am certain there are “intellectually appropriate” technical answers for the molecules that move about us to create such sounds, I prefer to believe it is God humming to me. Shhh . . . Listen and let us know what you experience and how your heart interprets such moments of silence.


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