Let it rain!

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  It is a gentle rain outside that reminds me of the importance tears play in my life. It seems my emotions have been raw and, well, vulnerable. Yep, vulnerable, that is the best word to describe how raw my feelings have been.
  I have spent my entire life being strong, together, composed, “in control.” Perhaps that is why at this point in my life, my whole human essence is feeling the depth of emotions being felt on this planet at this moment in time.
  These raw emotions are both happy and sad. Of recent, even having a belly laugh brings tears. My emotions are not prejudice! The depths of genuine feelings my heart feels can barely be put into words. They are coming from a place that has been hidden for everyone, even myself.
  Perhaps emotions play that part in our lives, just as we play the role in our chosen professions. We learn the duties, what is acceptable and what is to be kept “in check” for the sake of order, harmony, whatever word fits the situation. If that is the case, my emotions have felt the freedom of retirement to finally be unleashed, felt to the fullest magnitude, without limitations.
  Hmm, that is an interesting realization. No doubt during my life I constantly sought balance, the “middle ground” that could help me make sense of life’s experiences. Probably more importantly, I have sought to understand the actions of others so I might be in relationship, maintain order, and show respect for other people’s opinions and views. In my career, there were a multitude of times in which students and parents presented situations that made my heart feel heavy. I could not understand how people could treated those they claim to love the way they did. In order to stay detached from those personal feelings, I put them aside so that I might be available to help the individual and/or family find fair and compassionate solutions. It took much prayer and a whole lot of breathing!

  Yep, that makes sense. And so, I listen to the sweetness of the rain and know, that just as the rain supports and enhances the beauty of what has been dormant during the winter months, so my tears allow my soul to grow, expand and empty the “recycling bin” within. I am grateful for this awareness; it helps me accept the vulnerability of such emotions that will open to door to deeper understanding, compassion and true, unconditional love. I say, “Let it rain!”


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