Wind Chimes

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  I could hear the winds throughout the night. They did not keep me awake; however, the new wind chimes I put up yesterday sang to me all night. It was a deep, low-pitched vibration that provided a sound that touched my heart. Masculine, I would describe the new wind chimes as a protective, loving  “feel.” I hung them just outside my bedroom windows where only very strong winds can find their way. 
  There are small, high pitched, chimes on the front porch of the main entry way to my home. They provide a sweet, high-pitched sound easily moved by even the most gentle of winds. That porch is directly opposite the porch outside my bedroom. It is a great balance each of the chimes provides and last night the new chimes brought a teaching into my heart, “Forgiveness frees everyone.”
  What an amazing realization to wake to. Over the past few years, many situations have occurred that I would have never dreamed would happen within my family. From the realms of my human mind, I have attempted to understand the whys and to seek some sort of bridge to keep our family close. Of course, as the human mind does so well, judgments were made. Who was in error, who was correct, and with that came all the behaviors that had been tolerated for the sake of keeping family peace.
  Very interesting how quickly the human mind moves into that all too familiar place; “Right/wrong, good/bad.” I have been guilty of such behaviors and with that came a separation of myself from my family. This morning, my “handsome” new wind chimes helped me realize exactly what I need to do in order to calm the unrest my heart has felt. I need to first forgive myself for such behaviors, and then those with whom I have estranged myself.
  While I already communicated with my loved ones about the various situations that occurred, I had continued to carry sadness. That sadness was my lack of forgiveness. I can call it residue from his/her actions and words; however, that would only be an excuse … a justification for feeling angry, hurt, disappointed. The real truth is, I felt unloved and with that, I created a reason to be separated from him/her.

  This morning the winds carried a message to me via the chimes that has brought understanding and a deeper compassion to my heart. There is no need to find fault in myself and/or others, there is merely an opportunity to love unconditionally. The way in which I relate to my loved ones has changed, and no doubt it is all for the better; however, there is absolutely no need to see us as separate from each other. Despite our difference, our hearts need each other and that can only happen if I take responsibility to forgive myself for making judgments and holding resentments. And, believe it or not, his/her actions have actually helped me become more authentic. Now, instead of placating for the sake of keeping peace, I can choose when and how much time to spend and communicate with those family members that live his/her life differently then me. Forgiveness does, indeed, free everyone! And this lady intends to be free!! All that from the Wind Chimes!


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